The importance of safety and electric taxis in the Greater Montreal Area

Would you like to learn more about the cab industry and the hot topics that affect it? Are you concerned about the environment and the importance of using electric vehicles? At YUL Airport Taxi, we are transparent with you and keep you informed on a variety of topics, including the use of electric cabs in the Greater Montreal area!

The tarification fluctuation

The law prevents Quebec cab companies from increasing the cost of their fares based on special circumstances (such as congestion or holidays like Christmas, New Year's Day or Valentine's Day), supply or demand. While some foreign companies may not respect this law, we at YUL Airport Taxi will never do so. You won't have any bad surprises when you board our vehicles, no matter what time of the year!

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Taxis électriques

The electric cabs

Pollution is becoming more and more important, and so is the price of fuel. It is then very relevant to consider the use of electric vehicles at affordable costs to avoid further harm to the ecology.

Our drivers are not considering Tesla cars, given their high price (over $100,000) and the fact that each cab must be replaced after eight years. Since the KIA SOUL and NISSAN LEAF do not yet have sufficient range, these options are also rejected by drivers. To date, hybrid cars, such as the Toyota Prius V or the Toyota Camry, are the best options for cab needs.

The importance of security

At YUL Airport Taxi, we place great importance on the safety of our customers. All of our drivers hold a specific work permit or cab license and will gladly drive you to your destination safely.

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