A cab company that transports you all over Quebec

Our company, YUL Airport Taxi, was founded with the idea of providing digital support to the cab industry.

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A wind of change
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Have you ever had trouble finding a cab in the Greater Montreal Area or elsewhere in Quebec? For several decades, this situation has been quite common in the cab industry.

Clients have to contact several companies, several times, before they are able to obtain transportation.

Today, with the creation of YUL Airport Taxi, we are making a difference. We take care of everything, all at the same place!

Cabs that say hello: the future of the industry

Gradually, all cabs took on a new, distinctive look: a "Bonjour" sticker was affixed to both sides of the white vehicles, but with a contrasting roof color. The purpose of these two-tone cabs was to brand Montreal cabs so that they would stand out worldwide, just like New York's characteristic yellow cabs.

This change is made when cab owners need to replace their eight year old car. They then opt for the white color. The Bureau du cab de Montréal (BTM) and the Commission des transports du Québec (CTQ) have not yet passed legislation to force owners to comply with this new image. However, all cabs at the airport are already wearing this look, regardless of the cab company they are affiliated with.